Originally a native of Philadelphia – though early travels also offered him the opportunity to call several states home – Mr. Smalls is in many ways the “physical embodiment of raw urban artistic talent in its purest form”. At an early age, he embraced his innermost creativity and drive and allowed his artistic vision to flow freely. John has lived and traveled throughout the world, allowing him the opportunity to meet and grow with people of vast cultures and races; the perspective this fosters within him becomes more evident in the diversity found within his artistic expressions. After traveling the globe and cultivating a worldly and emotive style, Mr. Smalls has returned to the East Coast to New York City, though his art transcends locale. For Mr. Smalls, art is more than a mere means of earning a living but is instead a medium to express life – a life filled with the very mortal experiences of pain, love, life, death, hope and redemption. Mr. Smalls channels these shared experiences and emotions to paint a picture of the humanity of those we often overlook.